Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Days +7 & +8 of recovery

The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Nausea has been a persistent "thorn" for me since I began the recovery process.  Since I am not eating all that much, my strength is really low.  I do sleep quite well at night and rest most of the day.   And I am experimenting with various foods to discover which ones will agree with my stomach.

Well, today, July 4th, may be the day marking a turn around in my battle with nausea.  All the food which I put into my mouth and subsequently found its way into my stomach has stayed in place.  Not that I haven't had any nausea feelings.  After I took my potassium pill and then ate a little, my stomach did attempt a small rebellion, but nothing came of the effort.  I have to work out a time frame between taking my pills and then eating.

The food I am eating is very bland.  Thus far, homemade apple sauce (made in Lisa's home), mashed potatoes (which came in supper sent from our good friend, Joetta), oyster crackers, and chicken & stars soup (yep, kids soup) have stayed in place.  I'll continue with these items and add other food choices as my stomach improves and my strength increases.  The process will be slow.  Slower than I want, but God is in control and I'll have to learn patience.

Our church has assigned various members to provide dinners for us over the next few days.  Joetta provided the meal for last night; Bruce and Mary brought food tonight; and Bob and Kathy are supplying supper for tomorrow night.  We certainly appreciate the kindness, love, and support represented by all these meals.  Greg is especially appreciative as he does not cook and I'm not up to cooking anything yet.  The food comes hot and since Greg does know how to operate a microwave, he'll be in seventh heaven since he loves eating left-overs.

I pray that today is indeed a giant step forward in my recovery process.  I realize that there will be steps forward and some back.  But I look to more of the former and few of the latter.  The main focus for me is that I have faith and trust God as He directs my steps.

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