Friday, July 13, 2012

Days +15 & +16 of recovery

The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Wednesday and Thursday have been positive days of recovery.  Food is tasting better and is staying down.  I'm slowly expanding my meal choices.  But food remains home cooked.  No restaurant visits yet.  That is a bit farther out in the future.  When I do venture into a restaurant, buffet food is out.   My doctors have said that due to my immune system being compromised for awhile, food which has been standing out, as is the case in buffets, is out.  Too much exposure to the possibility of contamination with germs.  A person with a healthy immune system can handle food which wasn't fully protected by the "sneeze" shield (think about that buffet fans), but I can't.  Also, any beef I consume must be fully cooked, no "pink" allowed.

Our grandkids have been over to swim and while I am not allowed into the pool yet, I have sat by the pool to watch the kids swim.  And since the water has been 88 and above, Greg has been swimming with them.  Sitting outside has done wonders for my attitude and I praise God for his wonderful creation.

Thursday I felt good enough to give two haircuts:  one to Greg and another to our good friend Dan.  Starting to resume familiar activities again is a good point to reach in my recovery.  The one thing about which I must be careful is not to rush the recovery process.  Patience is a virtue during the next days, weeks, and months.

I have a goal to achieve during the next couple of days.  In my next entry, I'll let you know whether I reached that goal.  Until then, I remain "In His Grip".

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